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1. Wrong Address Disclaimer :

1. Buyer's Responsibility :

It is the buyer's responsibility to enter the correct shipping address accurately during the ordering process.

Double-checking the address before confirming the order is essential to avoid any potential shipping issues.

2. Address Change Requests :

If the customer realizes that they have entered the wrong shipping address, they should contact Ranax immediately.

The customer can reach out to the company via email at info@ranax.co.nz or by phone at +64 27 654 4445.

3. Order Shipment and Cancellation :

Once the order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled or modified, including changes to the shipping address.

Therefore, it's crucial for customers to act quickly and inform the company about any address changes before the order is shipped.

By clearly stating this disclaimer, Ranax informs customers of their responsibility to provide the correct shipping address and sets clear expectations regarding the possibility of changing the address after the order has been shipped. This helps avoid shipping delays, package returns, or lost shipments due to incorrect addresses and allows customers to take appropriate actions in a timely manner if they need to make address changes.

2. Order Errors (Size/Colour) :

It's essential for customers to promptly check their order confirmations to ensure that the right size and colour have been selected. In case of any errors, they should immediately get in touch with the company through the provided contact details to rectify the issue within the permitted time frame.

1. Order Amendment Period :

Customers have the option to amend orders for errors in size or colour, but this can only be done until the time when the order has not been dispatched by the company. This means that customers must act promptly if they realize there's an error in their order.

2. Contacting the Company :

To inform the company about any order errors regarding size or colour, customers should either call the helpline at +64 27 654 4445 or send an email to info@ranax.co.nz. It's important to use these official channels to ensure that the company is notified of the issue.

3. Error Resolution :

Once the company is informed about the order error, they will do their best to find a suitable alternative for the customer. This might involve replacing the item with the correct size or colour. If the correct item is of higher value than the original one ordered, the customer will be charged the difference in amount. Conversely, if the correct item is of lower value, the customer will be refunded the difference.

4. Shipping and No Further Changes :

Once the order has been shipped and is in transit, it becomes impossible to make any further changes to the order. At this point, the package is on its way to the customer, and the amendment window has closed. Therefore, customers need to make sure they review their orders carefully before they are dispatched.

3. Refusing Order Delivery :

To avoid unnecessary expenses and to ensure a smoother shopping experience, customers should carefully review their orders before confirming the purchase. If there are any concerns about the items ordered, it's best to contact the customer support of the online store to explore alternative solutions rather than refusing delivery. This way, both the customer and the seller can avoid incurring unnecessary costs and potential delays in resolving the issue.

1. Customer Advisory :

Customers are strongly advised not to refuse delivery of their orders. Refusing delivery can lead to additional costs, and it's in the best interest of the customer to avoid this situation.

2. Additional Costs :

When a customer refuses a delivery, there are two main types of costs incurred:

Original Delivery Cost : The initial cost of delivering the order to the customer's specified address.

Return Cost : The cost associated with returning the refused package back to the seller or the warehouse.

4. Delivered But Not Received :

It's crucial for customers to keep a close eye on their tracking information and promptly contact the courier company if there are any concerns about the delivery status. Timely communication with the courier can help in resolving delivery issues and ensure that customers receive their orders successfully.

Contacting the Courier Company :

If the tracking information indicates that the item has been delivered, but the customer claims they have not received the order, the customer should immediately get in touch with the courier company responsible for the delivery. They should raise the issue with them and request an investigation into the delivery status. The contact details of the courier company can usually be found in the tracking information or on the delivery notification.

Company Accountability :

The company selling the products online is not held responsible for packages that have been marked as delivered by the courier and have a tracking status showing delivery to the specified order address. Once the courier confirms delivery through their tracking system, the responsibility for the package's safe receipt shifts to the customer.

Lost or Stolen Packages :

Customers who have experienced issues with lost or stolen packages in the past are encouraged to take extra precautions for added security. One recommended measure is to have the package delivered to a work address or any other secure location where someone will be available to receive the package. This helps reduce the chances of packages being left unattended and potentially stolen.

By outlining these policies clearly, customers can be informed about their responsibilities, potential charges, and the procedures for handling order-related issues. It helps manage customer expectations and provides a smooth shopping experience at Ranax.

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